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Welcome to ARC Solar Yachts

A.R.C Yachts & Composites has been working in the epoxy composite industry building yachts and industrial parts since 1991.

For years, it was our dream to build a boat which was not only easy to handle and environmental friendly, but would also run on fuel provided by Mother Nature, herself. 

What was then a dream is now a reality.

With the development of high-tech solar panels and wind generators, we began pursuing that dream again and our master designer launched his first break-through vessel with a 62 foot (18 m) solar catamaran prototype, the Solarwave 62 in August 2016.

Shortly after a 19mt solar powered passenger vessel had been built on spec. 

Since, we have refined this model and, in January 2018, launched the first 19 meter Serenity 64-A.

The second boat, Serenity 64-B has been launched in October 2018.

Nr. 3, the Serenity 64-C was sold in 2019. 

A mold set for Serenity 74 plus hull was built in 2018/19

Additionally, A.R.C. has started working on two different more utilitarian 12 meter passenger catamarans and house boats  which have capabilities as diving, restaurant, or even pleasure vessels.

                         A complete new aera has been started in the yacht industry with the                               catamaran series "Maison Marine", built exclusively for the company with the same name.               This series will be built in the sizes of 46 - 56 - 66 and 72feet with one 66 footer already in the water and two more under construction, to be launched in early summer 2023.

A series of light weight carbon composite tenders have been added to our boat collection with 3 sizes of tenders to be ready on display in winter 2024. 

Meanwhile, A.R.C. does not stick merely to pleasure crafts, but continues producing numerous composite parts for companies across the industrial spectrum, which you may view in our composite gallery.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our yachts or other composite products.

- The A.R.C Team -

ARC Solar Yachts

Hangar No. 11

Serbest Bölge - ANTALYA, TURKEY

Tel. (90) 0242 5020215 - 0242 5030333

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