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4.8 meter Glider Side.jpg
4.8 meter Glider Front.jpg
4.8 meter Glider Top.jpg
4.8 meter Glider Aft.jpg
4.8 meter Glider Ladder Down.jpg

Glider 480 - Specifications*



Max Height


Weight empty

Appr. empty weight





Propulsion possibilities

4.80m - 15.9ft

2.50m - 8.24fft

1,70m - 5.69ft

0,40m - 1.37ft

5 + 1

230kg - 507 pounds

Hatch to open with either seat or storage underneath

Passarelle to shore from the bow 170cm extension also to be used as handycapped friendly entrance to the boat

carbon / epoxy composite sandwich

Dr. Orhan Çelikkol

2 x 30hp outboard

1 x single 30-60hp outboards
1 x 20-40kW electric motor with shaft drive with 20-40kW battery packs
2 x 20-30kW electric motors with sail drives and 20-40kW battery packs


- Can be also with a hardtop or bimini or can be re designed with full tent closure to create a mini      camper allowing a bed for 2 people

- A tent separated head and a small fridge with about 600 Watt solar panel supply

- A hydrofoil system is under development at the moment to be added


*Specs are subject to change

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